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Medal Haul for PJUTTA Athletes at MILO JC Championships

PJ Union athletes got their fair share of medals in the 39th MILO Malaysia Junior & Cadet Table Tennis Championships 2019 as every Selangor-representing athlete managed to claim one medal or more, helping the state of Selangor to secure the overall runner-up placing of the championship. The JC Championship, organised by the Table Tennis Association of Malaysia annually and being one of the utmost important stages in the country to source for talented players by the national coaches was held between 13-17 August 2019 at Sek. Tinggi Chung Hua, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. With a force of 11 out of 20 players representing Selangor, PJ Union athletes delivered remarkable results.

Overpowering Team Strength

In the first event rolling out, Selangor managed to achieved tremendous results in the team event by winning 2 Golds, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze in the team event, leading the championship board. In the Under 18 Boys category, 4 of PJUTTA athletes Choong Javen, Amos Ling, Sam Yuk Siong and Ng Yan Yun formed the backbone of the team and three of our current national players Javen, Amos and Yuk Siong proved their worth when they emerged victorious 3-1 against Sarawak in the finals.

(From left to right: Amos Ling, Sam Yuk Siong, Ng Yan Yun, Low Yen Ching and Choong Javen)

The second gold came from Under 15 Girls category as they won a hard-fought battle against Penang 3-1. Our athletes Leow Yi Wenn, Voo Huan Xin and Hun Hui Qi played their part well in contributing to the team's success.

The Under 18 Girls of Selangor team got an unexpected silver for the contingent. With a team made of an average of only 14.4 years old girls including three of PJUTTA athletes Yang Shann Wen, Valerie Ling and Ng Xin Ning, the team gave a pleasant surprise in beating the defending champion, Sarawak in the quarterfinals before losing to Kuala Lumpur 0-3 in the finals.

(From left to right: Yang Shann Wen, Valerie Ling, Low Yen Chyi, Ng Xin Ning and Lim Zhi Yi)

In the Under 15 Boys category, PJUTTA athletes Lee Yong Yi, Ng Yan Shen, Hun Wei Yan and Huzaifah charged into the semi-finals to give Kuala Lumpur a valiant fight before losing 0-3. All together all PJUTTA athletes combined with the might of the rest of Selangor contingent showed great team spirit in all the matches.

Personal Achievements

In the following singles and doubles events, Choong Javen successfully came back into the reigning champion winning all 3 gold medals in the Under 18 category by pairing with Amos Ling and beating him in the finals of the single event. Javen is also expected to represent Malaysia in the SEA Games at the end of the year.

Javen (left) celebrating with Coach Choo

(Javen (left) sharing his victory with Coach Choo)

Another young talent Amos Ling who is only 16 this year managed to catch the eye of the audience as he won 2 golds and 1 silver only losing to compatriot Javen in the boys singles finals. It was a great result considering it was the first time for him to participate in the Under 18 category. Much is expected of Amos in the future. Together with Javen, both PJUTTA athletes secured the Top 2 and won all 3 golds in the Under 18 Boys category.

Amos (left) celebrating with Coach Choo

(Amos (left) celebrating with Coach Choo)

Lee Yong Yi, one of our rising star had also achieved a result of three bronzes in Under 15 Boys category. After bagging a bronze in the team event, he eventually pushed on to grab the same medal in the singles and doubles event with compatriot Ng Yan Shen. We put high hopes on him as he is still young and eligible for the same category next year.

Yong Yi (right) partnering with Yan Shen (left)

(Yong Yi (right) in action with his partner Yan Shen (left).)

Top 10 Athletes in Each Category

Despite achieving second overall, Selangor is proud to be the contingent with the most Top 10 players in the country. Out of 40 athletes, 10 of them are from Selangor. Players in the Top 10 will be selected into the national squad to further improve their game. PJUTTA athletes boasted a number of 6 out of the 10 Selangor players.

Conclusion and Future Expectations

Selangor although were successful in the team event but trailed behind in the doubles and singles categories. PJ Union is satisfied with the overall performance of the athletes although the results were slightly less then expected as we suffered many early exits in both categories. We will definitely work more on our batch of athletes to contest for the overall champion title next year.


Choong Javen ~BU18 Team 🥇 Singles 🥇Doubles 🥇~Top 10

Amos Ling ~BU18 Team 🥇 Singles 🥈Doubles 🥇~Top 10

Sam Yuk Siong ~BU18 Team 🥇 Singles R16 Doubles R8 ~Top 10

Ng Yan Yun ~BU18 Team 🥇 Singles R16 Doubles R8

Lee Yong Yi ~BU15 Team 🥉 Singles 🥉Doubles 🥉~Top 10

Ng Yan Shen ~BU15 Team 🥉 Doubles 🥉

Hun Wei Yan ~BU15 Team 🥉 Singles R16 ~Top 10

Huzaifah ~BU15 Team 🥉

Ng Xin Ning ~GU18 Team 🥈

Yang Shann Wen ~GU18 Team 🥈

Valerie Ling ~GU18 Team 🥈

Hun Hui Qi ~GU15 Team 🥇~Doubles 🥉

Leow Yi Wenn ~GU15 Team 🥇Singles R8 ~Top 10

Voo Huan Xin ~GU15 Team 🥇

Coaches Team: ~Choo Sim Guan ~Chong You Liang ~Charles Ngew ~Lee Kah Fu

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