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Taiwan University Alumni Cup 2017

Invited by the host, Team Overseas United (海外联队) succeeded in winning the Taiwan University Alumni Cup 2017. The team was made up of athletes from four different countries, Singapore- Alan Deng (Team Leader), Hong Kong- Terry Leung and Oscar Kwan, Malaysia- Chong You Liang, Tan Cheng Keat and Chu Kim Huey, and USA- Adam Bobrow. It was the very first time organisers of the competition grouped up a party of university graduates from around the world as an effort to push beyond local boundaries. Overseas United became champion after a win over National Tsing Hua University in the finals.

From Left: Chong You Liang, Oscar Kwan, Terry Leung, Chu Kim Huey, Chief Organiser- 河海, Alan Deng, Wendy Tao, and Tan Cheng Keat

A one day event that featured 24 four tables and over 500 players was held in New Taipei Shulin Sports Centre. Three categories were played, Mixed Open, Senior Open, and also Women's Category.

Mixed Open Category Results


Overseas United


National Tsing Hua University

Joint- Third

Kun Shan University, National Chiao Tung University


Alan Deng

The best part of Taiwanese competitions are that the participants understands the hardship of organising a competition.

Chu Kim Huey

Can't predict who and how strong my opponents are. Unlike in Malaysia we know pretty much each others level of play.

Tan Cheng Keat

There's a higher division than the one we played. Those who participate are the level of Malaysian National players.

Oscar Kwan

Was invited by Terry who told me I'm here just to enjoy the game, who knew it was a tough one. But still, I never lost to anyone.

Terry Leung I saw a guy who I played in Hong Kong before. He plays so much better here in Taiwan.

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