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Table Tennis Bronze Skill Test Results Promising

SJK(C) Kuen Cheng 1 had been producing great table tennis athletes such as Choong Javen and Ngai Qi An who are current national and state level competitive players. In an effort to promote professionalism in the sport, current coach Chong You Liang have organised a beginner skills test for the primary school kids. The Bronze Skill Test is directly adapted from the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) Level 1 Coaching Manual. A total of 9 skills and 1 question and answer were performed.

Group photo of all participants after the test

A total or 23 participants aged from only 7 years old to 12 years old joined and gave it their best in the test. 14 of them passed all 10 tests and acquired Bronze 2. 5 participants graduated with Bronze 1 after they got 5 skill tests right. The remaining 4 participants who did not got their certificate did not mean they were bad, among them 2 only failed to complete the 3rd test question which was an important question to pass.

A proper forehand stroke practice was required during one of the skill test

Overall, the skill test showed the capability acquired by the students throughout a year of practice in the school's every Friday training session. Things that required to be enhance also surfaced and was acknowledged by the coaches and invigilators.

Table Tennis Activity Teacher Ms. Mah Cheng Yee presents the award to Yang Shann Wei

Test Conductor:

Coach Chong You Liang (Level 1 ITTF-PTT Coaching Course Participant)

Coach Helper Ngai Qi An


Teacher Ms. Mah Cheng Yee

Material Provided by:

Mr. Chan Kee Chien (Level 1 ITTF-PTT Coaching Course Conductor)

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