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PJ Union Events

Organised & Participated

Every year has been a busy year for PJ Union. Our athletes train hard daily in hopes to participate in various events and competitions. Competing in championships puts an athletes skills to test, then they may find better ways to improve and polish themselves for the next one. Not only that, participating in organising our yearly events also help athletes build leadership skills which will surely benefit their future.  

PJ Union Hopes Table Tennis Championship

Organised February Annual Event

In the mission to search for young talents of the country, PJ Union Hopes had been successfully organised for as long as the academy itself. Initially with only participants from the klang valley region, now it attracts athletes nationwide to come and compete with each other. Now, more than 250 athletes participates and challenge to see who's the best. Moreover, the event has entirely been organised by PJ Union Athletes.

Sponsored by LNB Woodbase

For more than 10 consecutive years, LNB Woodbase has been the main sponsor of this event. More than 300 angpaos are given away to the participants as well as the event officials. Moreover the registration fees, trophy and certificates are all covered. We certainly owe a big thank you to LNB Woodbase. At the same time, we hope more great companies will come and support this amazing sport. 
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PJ Union Intergames

Organised May Annual Event

PJ Union Intergames are specially organised for all PJ Union athletes. Everyone is separated into four divisions based on their skill levels. Winners of the division will be promoted to a higher division during the next intergames and relegated otherwise. Parents are encouraged to give support and witness their children perform during this day. 

Friendly Matches

Organised or Participated Monthly Event

Friendly Matches are a great way to build friendship with another club while at the same time checking on the progress of the athlete. Every month, we get visits from our partners or sometimes we pay them a visit. Players get to make new friends and exchange some knowledge of the game.