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Coaching Team

PJ Union Table Tennis Academy

The PJ Union Coaching Team consists of three full-time coaches. Part-time coaches are hired as well as our family continues to grow. A full-time coach is carefully selected with good values in order to provide quality coaching. We hire people that will truthfully enlighten our kids.

Choo Sim Guan
Director & Head Coach
Coach Choo is the heart of PJ Union Table Tennis Training Academy. The founder himself was a national athlete who won three consecutive SUKMA Single's Champion and a National Champion. For over a decade of coaching experience, quite a number of national players were trained by him from zero up. Leong Chee Feng and Choong Javen who are both shouldering the current national team are good examples of his disciples.
Malaysia Open Men Singles Champion
SEA Games Team Bronze Medallist
3-times SUKMA Singles Champion
Chong You Liang
Manager & Senior Coach
You Liang is a Selangor state player who has done well in both sports and academics. With a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering in hand, he excelled in sports as well, achieving 2-times IPT Single's Silver Medal. He has now decided to dedicate his career to his favorite club and family. 
2-times IPT Single's Silver Medallist
SUKMA Team Silver Medallist
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Taylor's University
National Olympic Academy Graduate 2017
Charles Ngew
Senior Coach
A ground-up athlete nurtured from the PJUTTA, Charles has achieved tremendous results during this junior days. He has served as a Selangor state athlete throughout his courier winning many titles for the state. Whilst a student at University Putra Malaysia, Charles is already contributing further acting as a coach in PJUTTA.
Malaysia Junior Boys Double Gold Medallist
SEA Junior Championship Participant
Top 10 Junior Athlete in Malaysia
MSSM Boys Team Gold Medallist
Phillip Ngew
Senior Coach
The younger of the twin of the Ngew family has also achieved alot during his athletic days. Trained to be one of the best choppers in the country, Phillip had in many stages defeated big names from competitive states such as Sarawak and Kuala Lumpur. He is now striving to enlighten players on different styles and techniques of table tennis in his coaching career. 
Malaysia Junior Boys Team Gold Medallist
MILO Youth Championship Team 2014-2016
Sam Yuk Siong
Junior Coach
A national junior athlete in the past, Yuk Siong has been successful with the Selangor Team achieving much as an athlete. His unique reverse penhold style with furious forehand attacks makes him one of the best in the country. As great as his skills are, Yuk Siong has perhaps one the best physique in the national squad. And hence making him incharge of physical trainings of the academy.  
Chinese Taipei Junior & Cadet Team Quarter Finallist
MILO Youth Championship Team & Doubles Champion
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