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PJ Union Athletes in MSSM 2017

What a splendid performance by all PJ Union players! Mssm 2017 have finally come to an end. Congratulations to Yong Yi for grabbing all three Golds leading Selangor to the reowned overall champion.

U12 B Team Gold- SL (Yong Yi, Huzaifah) Double Gold- SL (Yong Yi) Single Gold- SL (Yong Yi)

U12 G Team Bronze- KL (Shann Wen) Double Gold- KL (Shann Wen) Single Quarters - KL (Shann Wen)

U18 G Team Silver- SL (Yi Wen)

U18 B Team Gold- SL (Amos Ling) Team Bronze- KL (Min On, Qi An, Javen) Double Silver- KL (Min On) Single Gold- KL (Javen)

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