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The official table of the 2006 Liebherr World Team Championships in Bremen and 2007 Liebherr European Championships in Belgrade.

The highest quality standard and design.

DONIC introduces the World Champion TC, a new generation of automatic tables with "Twin Compact technic", which meets the highest requirements for safety, durability, set-up and playing characteristics. The modern design, the carefully selected materials and the dimensions make this table a "WORLD CHAMPION" in a true sense of the phrase.

The 25mm playing surface, combined with a perfectly balanced undercarriage, ensures top playing characteristics and true bounce. 
A classic finish and the use of top quality solid metals guarantee high stability and a long-playing life.

Safety: A modern set up mechanism constructed in strong metal ensures that the table is easy to use. A broad wheelbase prevents the table from overbalancing. 
Delivery: In a special box. Fully assemled and ready to play.

Technical specifications: 
Complies with new Industrial regulations DIN EN 14468 -1, class A for high performance sport, ITTF-approved. 25 mm Nanogrip playing surface in green or blue. 
Frame: 60 x 20 mm galvanised steel tubing 
Foldable legs: 80 mm diameter steel tubing welded with 60 x 20 mm flat galvanised steel. The height of the table can be adjusted as required. 
Undercarriage: Galvanised steel construction. 
Cross stabilisation: 50 x 30 mm 
Covered mechanical side-drive 
Leg height adjustor: 30 x 15 mm, silver, galvanised metal 
Wheels: 4 driving wheels 125 mm with rubber tyres, 2 with brakes 
Storage dimensions: 1600 x 810 x 1580 mm 
Weight: approx. 150 kg 
Suitable for wheelchair players (40cm leg space, 35cm height). 
The table can be adjusted for playback.


Made in Germany

World Champion TC


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