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DONIC BLUESTORM - A storm brews

  • Thinner top surface rubber, subjected to high tension, allows space for a thicker sponge - generating extra power and speed
  • The DONIC Bluestorm Series offers noticeably greater acceleration whilst retaining its outstanding spin and speed characteristics
  • Max+ is even thicker than previous max versions
  • A middle-pored sponge with a short wide pimpled structure



  • Has a long, thin pimple structure and a large pored sponge
  • This 47.5� medium hard sponge is ideal for many players
  • One feels the storm and its power with the first contact and can direct use this energy where one wants
  • Great speed, enormous rebound, with excellent spin and speed characteristics
  • A concentrated demolition charge!

Bluestorm Z2

  • Hardness: Medium 

    Control: 7
    Speed: 10+
    Spin: 10+++

    Pimples: In

    (Data from Donic Rubber-Ratings)

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