One year ago, DONIC introduced something completely new to the market with the BlueGrip V1 and R1, and this form of rubber technology has amassed a large fan base since its introduction. The best of both worlds in one rubber: The DONIC BlueGrip has a tacky, Chinese-style topsheet, along with a sponge with the catapult effect and incredible dynamic properties that we only see from rubbers from Japan or Germany. The tacky topsheet allows players to put maximum levels of spin on the ball, while the sponge ensures that topspins have lots of power. The DONIC BlueGrip is now available in four different versions. Find your BlueGrip!



  • An extremly grippy top sheet combined with a blue, fine-pored sponge which guarantees a powerful catapult effect.
  • A rubber sheet that perfectly supports an attacking game on both sides.
  • Has a slightly softer feel and helps to compensate for the loss of spin that the plastic ball has entailed.
  • The longer dwell time when hitting the ball results in significantly more rotation on serves and returns.

BlueGrip R1

  • Technology: Medium-pore sponge (50°), tacky topsheet


    Characteristics: Long dwell time when making contact with the ball, softer playing feel and touch, excellent spin.


    Recommended for: Players that like to play with lots of spin and focus on spinny serves.

  • Brand: DONIC

    Thickness: Max (2.2mm)

    Hardness: Hard 

    Surface: Sticky-Elastic

    Pimples: In

    Control: 6

    Speed: 10

    Spin: 11+


    (Data from Donic Rubber-Ratings)

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