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BlueGrip C1


Technology: Full tension sponge, tacky topsheet. Heaviest (90g) and hardest sponge (60°) in the BlueGrip series


Characteristics: Very hard! Maximum dynamics and heavily curved ball arc when playing topspin strokes, incredibly grippy


Recommended for: Forehand ruber for uncompromising topspin players looking to gain an advantage when serving and returning serves


The future is already here! Donic BlueGrip C1 and C2 has a tacky, Chinese-style topsheet, along with a sponge with a powerful catapult effect and incredible dynamic properties, the likes of which we only see from rubbers from Japan or Germany.

BlueGrip C1

  • Control: 5

    Speed: 11

    Spin: 11++

    Surface: Sticky Elastic

    Sponge Hardness: Hard+

    (Data from Donic Rubber-Ratings)

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