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Technology: Dynamic, medium soft and medium pored sponge, sticky top sheet. Characteristics: Extremely grippy and easy to control, enabling accurate attacking strokes with sufficient speed. Recommended for: Attackers who play with control, allrounders as well as defenders who aim for a spinny and varied game.


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The best of two worlds in one rubber: A sticky Chinese-style topsheet combined with a powerful sponge with strong catapult effect. Now DONIC has taken this development even further and has added a new, softer version to the BLUEGRIP series.


Two successful products combined in one rubber. BLUEGRIP S2 combines the characteristics of topseller DONIC ACUDA S2's soft controlled sponge with a grippy top surface rubber, in the manner of Chinese rubbers. This results in a grippy top surface rubber, giving a distinct advantage in the service and return game. The high quality of the sponge offers outstanding control.


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The best of both worlds in one rubber: The BLUEGRIP has a tacky, Chinese-style topsheet for maximum rotation and a blue tension sponge with a powerful catapult effect and incredible dynamic properties. With the newest, harder, topspin shots have an even higher arc and even more speed. The slightly softer also have subtle differences in terms of the sponge structure and pimple geometry, which provides further support for the excellent playing feel. 

Bluegrip S2

  • Brand: DONIC

    Thickness: Max (2.2mm)

    Hardness: Medium

    Surface: Sticky-Elastic

    Pimples: In

    Control: 7

    Speed: 9+

    Spin: 11

    (Data from Donic Rubber-Ratings)

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