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5 Reasons Your Children Should 

Start Table Tennis

Exercise over the weekend

Every government school allocates only 30 minutes of exercise education (PJK) per week. And most of the time physical exercises does not happen. Ensuring your kid to get some exercise over the weekend helps in every way. They become more actively social, built a better physique, and make more friends along the way. Children with asthma or minor health issues often get better after doing sports for a few months.   

It's a lifetime skill

Table tennis can be played at any age, even from as young as 5 years old and even until you are at 80s. Basically starting table tennis means you can be playing it for your lifetime. In fact, we find that the amount of players transitioning from other sports into table tennis are greatly increasing in the country.  

Afford better education

Many parents might not know that getting sports scholarships are often better than academic scholarships. Most of the sports scholarships are presented in deduction of tuition fee percentage. More often than not, percentage deduction gives you better value compared to amount deduction such as academic scholarships. For instance, one of our coach was offered a full tuition fee waiver sports scholarship in Taylor's University. Over the entire course more than RM 100,000 had been saved. 

Get a better job

Getting active in sports means a lot more than it was back in the days. Employers nowadays find that athletes brings better character quality and value into the company. Hence, often than not being good in a sport helps your children get employed in a company. To increase health standards, larger companies nowadays organise competitive sports events every year. Being an athlete simply gives them another reason to get your children into the family. 

Make our country proud

Being a competitive sport, table tennis allows your children to participate in district level competitions all the way up to the international arena. PJTTA is able to train your children from zero table tennis knowledge all the way to get into the national table tennis team. We have now 7 players in the Malaysian National Team and more than 30 state athletes.

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